I’m Ashley, an illustrator, graphic designer, and parrot enthusiast.

I specialize mainly in digital illustration, design, and cartooning, meaning I’m proficient in Adobe Suite programs such as Photoshop, After Effects, Illustrator, and InDesign. I’d describe myself as a versatile artist capable of many visual styles, but I definitely try to include my personality and sense of humor into a good majority of my works. 

I beleive my greatest strength is my storytelling skills, which I display through my narrative illustrations and comics. I’ve worked with high profile artists such as Willow Smith to create visuals for their work.

In my free time, I walk rescue dogs twice my size (as well as getting ruthlessly dragged across the street by them...), invent questionable instant ramen recipes, and cry silently in the dark while reading horror stories.

For any business inquiries, love letters, or Nigerian prince wealth transfers, you may contact me at ashleyloob@gmail.com.


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